Episode 007: If At First You Don't Succeed

Hilariously honest interview with Dodd Caldwell, Founder of MoonClerk and President of Rice Bowls, about the trial and error processes he's experienced as an entrepreneur and small business owner.

From working with the family business as a kid to finding success with his most recent venture, MoonClerk, Dodd's journey of entrepreneurship has been highlighted with stories of numerous other successful and not-so-successful business ventures.

In this episode we discuss things like balancing time between multiple entrepreneurial ventures, staying driven through moments of failure, how risk is not created equal and he prefers telling stories over giving advice.

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Show Notes:

1:20 - Why Dodd enjoys entrepreneurship.
1:55 - The family business.
3:00 - First entrepreneurial business venture as a kid.
5:50 - Left family business to start a business in South America.
7:00 - Returned to US after market crash to export exotic cars.
7:45 - Failed wholesale car business.
8:15 - Got into software development and started Bell Strike.
11:00 - Seeing a need and starting Loft Resumes.
12:45 - Balancing time and energy across so many things.
13:40 - Selling Loft Resumes.
19:00 - Getting hate mail.
20:00 - Focusing on building MoonClerk.
23:30 - Advantage of being first to hit the scene.
25:30 - Staying driven and moving forward after failure.
26:50 - Risk and how it's not the same for everyone.
28:25 - Advice and learning from his father.
30:20 - Favorite family business story.
35:00 - The Mailbox Moment.
37:12 - Giving advice to others.

Things Mentioned:
Rice Bowls
Loft Resumes


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