Episode 002: Changing Gears And Facing Fears

Diving right in and sharing a little more about who I am, as well as where I'm currently at in my life and entrepreneurial endeavors.

In this session I talk candidly about how I'm in the process of changing gears in my career by leaving my job, and facing the uncertainty that comes with that decision. Discussing how even though I know I'm making the right move for myself, there's still those voices in my head and fearful feelings in the pit of my stomach telling me I should panic and go running into whatever job I can get my hands on to guarantee that I have an income and the security of that... but also how I'm facing those and maintaining focus on the things I want to do and accomplish instead.


Show Notes & Talking Points:

  • Quitting my job as a popsicle salesman (yikes!) and trying to figure out what I want to do next.
  • Fearfully searching for jobs based off the level of pay and compensation as opposed to whether or not I'd actually be happy.
  • Practicing meditation to slow down my brain and gain clarity my thoughts.
  • Being intentional with what I'm doing in life and manifesting certain things into being.
  • Writing down the vision and dreams I have for myself in order to set a clear understanding of what I want to work towards and make happen for my life.
  • Using fear to motivate and drive me in the direction I want to go, instead of letting it control my decisions and actions.


My question to you:
Are you letting the fear of the unknown dictate your life, or are you making things as you want them to be? 

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Jeremy Elrod