Episode 006: More Than Just Good Jeans

In this episode I talk with Bill Mitchell of Billiam Jeans.

Discussing everything between teaching himself to sew and starting operations in his parents' basement eight years ago, to where he is now with a brick and mortar shop in Greenville, South Carolina and wholesale accounts stretching as far as London.

Learning numerous lessons about business and life along the way, Bill shares stories of mistakes made in the early years of honing his craft and the challenges he continues to face as the company grows.

Bill discusses the people that have inspired him, advice he has for others and the incredible vision he has in mind for the success and future of Billiam Jeans.

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Show Notes:

8:20 - The hardest part of running a business.
9:00 - Choosing to focus on what's most important.
10:25 - Balancing work and life.
14:30 - Periods of growth for Billiam.
16:50 - Determining when to add employees to help grow.
18:35 - Culture in the growth of a business.
20:00 - Personality is everything in branding with the public.
21:30 - Longterm vision for Billiam growth.
22:00 - The Pioneer.
24:00 - Who inspires Bill.
26:48 - Just don't give up.
27:30 - Bill's most nervous moment.
29:00 - Saying YES to facing your fears.
31:15 - Best advice ever received.
33:30 - How to measure if you're doing the right thing.
36:00 - What does success look like?
39:00 - Bill's advice for others.

Jeremy Elrod