Episode 011: Where There Is No Vision

Just a quick and easy going episode about some things I've been working on and how I found myself in a bit of a rut for a while.

Finding myself feeling pretty down and out, unmotivated and somewhat defeated by recent struggles and disappointments I had faced trying to secure some funding for a new business idea I've been working on, I took a trip to Damascus, Virginia to get away for a weekend for the Trail Days Festival celebrating those who have hiked ( and are currently hiking) the Appalachian Trail.

While driving up to Damascus I passed a church (somewhere near Johnson City, Tennessee I think) that had a long stone wall, with huge white letters that spelled out the scripture of Proverbs 29:18... "where there is no vision, people perish."

Seeing that verse and thinking on it for a bit while driving silently and alone in my car, I started realizing how that verse pretty much hit the nail on the head of my current issues. I was dwelling on the setbacks and hiccups I had recently faced, and was letting those things keep me down. I was fixating on those small, momentary hangups instead of keeping my sights set on my overall goal and vision. 

Similarly, after making it to Damascus for Trail Days and hanging around the hundreds of AT hikers in attendance, I realized that the verse I'd seen held true for their circumstances as well. Along their 2,181 mile trek from Georgia to Maine, the hikers had to keep their sights set on the vision of accomplishing their goal and finishing the journey instead of every little setback they faced along the way. 

Jeremy Elrod